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Enclasp the Soul
20 most recent entries

Date:2010-10-14 23:16
Subject:Random Poem

Less than a square foot,
Paint peeling from the wall,
Stuck out of the building,
Protruded, as unwelcome as a sudden
Visitor who drains life, the balcony
Looks awkward, soot with dust. The
Net, screwed tightly into the windowpane
Misted her vision slightly. The middle age
Woman, standing with a mug of hot
Tea, its steam covered her wrinkled
Eyes, was watching her son playing
Tennis in the court. Only the ball,
Bright yellow, was visible, a sharp
Contrast to the dry-fit black shirt that
He was wearing. Grown but scrawny,
He ran backward and forward, his
Racket captured every hit precisely.

She felt a sense of pride swelling in
Her chest, and suddenly laughed at
Herself over the cliché expression.
A sense of loneliness, previously
Alien to her, choked her throat,
Clogging her voice. She wanted
To clap, but unable. She dropped
The mug of the tea on the floor.
The hot tea cleansed the dust but
She felt like an old woman, her
Prime was washed away, just as
Her son just missed the ball.

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Date:2010-01-22 20:23


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Date:2009-09-23 21:29
Subject:Gather Together

We sing her a song,
A song from the bank
Of memory that stretches
As far as the beginning
Of century. The song of wonder
And contentment, the song of
Endless love. A cliché song,
The biggest mistake one
Could ever make is composing
This song. The lyrics are
Too sentimental. It tries
Too hard to invite tears
That will not appear.
Yet, we still sing with
Our heart, as though
It’s the best song
In the world, that depicts
Neither our story nor
Our hope. Yet, we
Sing her this song, seeing
Her smile, from the cold
Slab of stone staring
Right back at us.

The song which is ten years too late.

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Date:2009-09-14 08:35
Subject:A Visit to Grandmum

Eyes barely recognized
Me. Calling me the
Wrong name, you
Seem to be overjoyed
By the girl sitting in
Between us. A faint
Hope for great-grand
Children perhaps, to which
I could never give birth.

Her boyfriend, sitting
In a car, in a humid
Weather, sweating
Perhaps, panting,
Perhaps, wondering
What we would have
Said to contradict
His belief that
Was shaped
By thousand
Years of practice.

So grandmum smile
Smile smile, her
Life mission is
Almost complete.
“Work hard,” she
laughed. “Girls
need to be treated

The black fly, the
Contagious kind,
Rested on her nose.
With her mutterings,
Buzzing my ears.
Weak hands waving it
away. It flew, circumvented
and rested on her arms.

I smiled, thinking
of the babies I would
never have, of the
love she gave and
I threw with remorse.
I spoke gently.
"Alright, alright!
I will do it it."

He was dreaming
in the car, finding
a future that could
belong to us.

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Date:2009-07-20 22:03
Mood: amused

(i) Past

Head proud, barely twelve,
giving birth to noisy words,
empty dreams. We disregarded
the omniscient power of tears.

Attitude ruled the action. So
conniving. We spoke with cliches.
Hostile glance accompanied us everywhere.
Love me, hate me, I don't care.

We conducted the music.

(ii) Present

Tiptoeing on fear, drunk on hope,
a potent intoxication,
we stare at the line,
burgeoning with hesitation.

Sun rise. Without mist,
the light turns into a tank
such excruciating precision.
The sense of pride triumphs

Chorus modulated into a lonely tune.

(iii) Future

Chest caved, breath panting.
We miss fame by a little bit,
seeing it ricocheting past
our shoulders brought down by weight.

Petty talks, petty greetings,
taking off without fuel.
Hanging four limps in the air,
thought wandering back to the spot.

Chatty silence remains.

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Date:2009-07-04 17:58

Counting the sequence
of death slowly. Mouth
ballooned with hot air that
travelled south, crushing
the lungs with inexplicable
force, squeezing the life
out of the vessels until
it turns cold. I looked,
waited, panted, hyperventilated.

Still quiet, still quiet.
Unless there is some love
lingering, like a mother staring
at her child, sleeping in an
innocent pose that brings
you to a new birth, there
could be no resolution. Eyes
closed, fists clenched, minutes
dwindled into seconds.
Hush now, close your eyes
and sleep.

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Date:2009-06-18 01:02

Pregnant with thoughts,
I started burping
air that escaped from
my stomach, a stench
that nobody would
recognise until
they sniffed it,
their nose all turned up,
wondering if it was
the same air that
they emitted themselves.

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Date:2009-05-31 17:57
Subject:Sunset Boulevard - I have to say I am impressed

I have always loved Glenn Close. I am so glad I can find this video. It's excellent!

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Date:2009-01-31 15:18
Subject:Cass Phang 仍然是最愛你 - 彭羚

My favourite song by Cass Phang... partly because of the TVB serial that got me hooked before I was supposed to sit for SPM.,,

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Date:2008-12-25 02:34
Mood: blah

The Flower in
the vase blooms
in a rainy day when
both of us were
occupied with something,
you working on a computer,
I reading a book.

The rose gave its
arms to the air,
spreading its scent
to no one
but the TV monitor
in front of us.

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Date:2008-12-05 02:15
Mood: drunk

I absorb you anger
like a sponge,
not because I
am new, but rather,
I am old, moldy,
contagious, unruly,
wily, uncontrollably
dirty, ready to grow
into a witch, with
a crack that can
be mistaken to be
my smile, and
let it be, while I
absorb half-heartedly,
ineptly, failingly,
your emotion, which
is as fatal as cyanide,
slow poisoning my
lung, until I grasp
the air like a pneumonic
patient who finds a
tumor growing in two
leaves that I would rather
leave in alone.

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Date:2008-12-03 23:42
Subject:Your Song
Mood: indifferent

I live in your song,
For there is nothing
I can't say it
better than you.
I drown myself.

Turn witch into
an angel, won't you?

If only you could understand...

I turn you
into a festering disease
- it won't kill me yet,
it's fatally contagious.

It's a simmering steak,
ready for you to masticate.
Me becoming you.

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Date:2008-11-20 15:54
Subject:Need to develop

an eye for details...

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Date:2008-11-04 00:03
Subject:The few types of goodbyes
Mood: happy

Only now do I realise that there are many types of goodbyes.

There is a happy goodbye because you know the goodbye will lead to a better future, be it for you or your friends.

There is a hopeful goodbye because you will want to yearn for something more when you see him/her again.

There is an angry goodbye because you don't want to that person again unless he/she apologises.

There is an indifferent goodbye because you don't care if you will ever see that person again.

There is a melancholic goodbye because you don't know if you can ever see that person again.

There is a sad/hopeless goodbye because you know you will never see that person again.

Of course, there is a spiteful goodbye because you don't want to see that person again, and you want him dead.

I said a happy goodbye today. May the best go with you, wherever you are!

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Date:2008-11-03 12:01
Mood: sleepy






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Date:2008-10-29 16:13
Subject:Life and Death
Mood: content

A few friends discussed about the issues revolving life and death over the last few days. Coincidentally, the topic was brought up on two occasions: a gathering with Eme and Angie, as well as discussion with my colleagues today. The topic was “My Funeral”.
Yes, you read it correctly – my funeral!

As it may be depressing for someone to discuss funeral, I could proudly declare that I have my funeral all planned out, not out of sheer morbidity but out of undying love for life. I love life, and therefore I fully comprehend the inevitability of death. Since death is inevitable, I might as well have it all planned out for my final exit, instead of depending on some people who might roll out my funeral as what an orthodox would do.

I want my funeral to be laced with Champagne. I want people going to my funeral to laugh. Yes, you can laugh at me, laugh about me, and laugh with me. You will be treated to a champagne fountain, with Mariah as my background music. I want you to dance, because I like to dance. I want you to drink, because I like to drink. I want you to celebrate life, because I celebrate mine. I want you to be happy, because I am happy to have known all of you.

Yes, I might have a few regrets in my life, but it’s not enough to discourage me from living the life that I have and I will. I might have made a few mistakes in my life, and those mistakes make me who I am today, whether you love or hate me. Yes, today, if someone asks me if I would live my life like this all over again, my answer is definitely positive!

I want to die young because I am stupid enough to subscribe to ageism. I can’t see myself growing wrinkled, with white hair on my head. I will go for plastic surgery until scientific discoveries fail to make me look young again. I may be shallow and stupid, but I definitely love my life so much. And I embrace every bit of ups and downs of it.

To all my dear friends: live your life as you would and you want to. And live it fervently until your last breath leaves me. If you do so, perhaps you will understand why I happily plan my funeral, and forbid tears during the process.

Let’s start planning for the inevitable so that you know what limited time you have in this world, and start doing whatever you want to do. Don’t ever die in regrets – because that’s when I really will cry for you.

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Date:2008-10-05 14:12

This MV reminds me so much of Koey. It will be better tomorrow, won't it?

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Date:2008-07-02 13:12
Subject:From Austen
Mood: sleepy

One never does form a just idea of any body beforehand. One takes up a notion , and runs away with it.

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Date:2008-04-22 13:58
Subject:Moving on
Mood: ecstatic

Finally, it's time to move on.

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Date:2008-02-20 17:56
Subject:Hmm... Really?
Mood: amused

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